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Hospital Productions 634

'Panama canal left-hand path' EP is split over 4 tracks and 2 cassettes. the most caustic and disturbing sessions since the cryptic early analog recordings of 'folklore venom' and 'the plant with many faces' mixed with the sustained tension of 'green graves'. listeners will find a major directional inspiration from basic channel style sequences emphasizing bass rhythms over kicks in this rotted electro-acoustic concrete dub environment. more 70’s than 80’s in its crude sense of narrative - the bloodshed and blind economics of the canal are dark reminders of its consequences and absurdity, then and now. also included is ‘simulated thunderstorm’ a physical 45 min continuous mix of previously released RSE cuts from the history of the project. originally released in extended digital format as part of the hospital productions CDMX earthquake benefit, this version is assembled by phillipe hallais and edited by paul corley.

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